Caroline Sykes - artist




Caroline's portraits, lansdcapes, and boat pictures
can be accessed from the headings at the top of the page.

"I think my pictures speak more clearly than any words I might write,"
says Caroline who invites you to explore her work

All her portraits are commissions, but other work is for sale unless marked with a red dot.

To contact her, write to:-
Caroline Sykes,
31a Redcliffe Square, London, SW10 9HF
Or ring:-
20 7373 1204
or e-mail:- thecarolinesykes@hotmail.com

Caroline Sykes has exhibited worldwide and is a member of the Chelsea Arts Club.
Caroline's favourite oil paint is made by 'Michael Harding',
which being lovingly handmade, offers by far the best colour and texture.

Examples of her work are also displayed at the Agora Gallery, a contemporary
fine art gallery established 1984, located in New York's art galleries district.

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